Prepare to Retch

I don’t even know where to begin … It’s an interview of a “porn actress.” But when you listen to it, it becomes clear that it’s more than that. Quotes:

“I moved in next door to this little girl and her mom …”
“So she was bred for fucking, like you raised her to be in porn?”
“At what age did you know she would be good for porno?”

“I knew she was going to be smoking hot when she was 7 years old. Is that wrong?”
“I gave you a lot of coaching on what to do to make the guys feel important, and swallowing’s important. Isn’t it?”

“So are you technically her stepfather?”

“Yes, that is correct.”
“How old was she when you first met her?”

“I first met her when she was about six years old. When she was seven, I knew she was going to be a hottie.”

Yeah. It was her choice entirely. ~sigh~



UPDATE: She got away from her stepfather and out of the industry. 




  1. druidwinter

    At least she woke up. Some dont for a long time.

  2. I can’t even watch it; the quotes are disturbing enough. I’m so happy she got out.

  3. Holy hell. That’s all I can say.

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