Trans* People Deserve Their Space, Too

The Transgender Community Seeks a Safe Space in Recovery

I agree, but this is also somewhat maddening. The article, on an addiction recovery site, outlines how trans* people might benefit from having closed meetings that are specifically designed for them. And I agree. If spaces like these are helpful, then they absolutely should have them. I would never dream of impinging on them. But by the same token, women-born-women spaces are just as needed by some, and they also deserve to have them. Also intriguing, in this article, it is a member of a men-only group that objected to the presence of a transman — a perspective I don’t hear much about.



  1. Ali

    You may be surprised, given the conversations we’ve had in the past, but I agree with you on this one. Of course, I’d call them “ciswomen spaces,” which I know is terminology that probably annoys you, but the principle’s the same.

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