Guns for Kids

A 5-year-old has shot his 2-year-old sister to death when his mother left him unattended with a loaded rifle. A rifle that is marketed for use by toddlers. In a better world, this would be somehow shocking, but we don’t live in a better world. We live in this one, and in particular, I live in the USA.

Since the horrible shooting, I’ve heard a lot of people say they’re going to take the high road and not criticize the parents, who must be undergoing unimaginable grief right now. But to hell with that. If they were responsible parents, they would still have two children today. This wasn’t an accident; it was negligence.

To be honest, I can’t fathom a mind that would think it’s a good idea to buy a 5-year-old a gun. I can’t imagine how that thought process goes. “Poor Jimmy is too young to vote, drink, smoke or operate a car, so I might as well get him a gun so he won’t get bored.” Is that how it works? Whatever happened to Legos or Matchbox Cars or, I don’t know, buying him a book? Heck, they’re even marketing Easy Bake ovens to boys now. It’s not like there was a lack of choices.

But, for whatever reason, buying this 5-year-old boy a rifle seemed like a really good idea. So the parents bought it for his birthday, along with some ammo, and apparently taught him how to shoot the thing. And then they left it, loaded, out in the open.

That’s stupid enough, but then the mom left her kids alone with the loaded rifle as she left the room to take care of some task. Really? Has she never been around a 5-year-old before? Just yesterday, Evangeline was telling me how she sat her 2-year-old nephew on a toilet once and left the bathroom for a minute, and when she came back, he’d managed to smear his own poop all over the tub, walls, floor and his own hands – and still had time to climb back onto the toilet seat and attempt to look innocent when she came back. Kids get into shit in no time. Literally. She must have known this.

But, no. She left her kids alone with a loaded gun, and the fully imaginable thing happened.

I’m angry at these parents. I’m angry a society that fetishizes guns and will go to great lengths to make sure gun nuts can have whatever weapon they want, and go to equally great lengths to make sure the rest of us aren’t protected from them.

And I’m angry at Crickett Firearms, the company that made this abomination of a weapon sold to pre-kindergartners. What kind of a soulless bag of skin do you need to be to come up with something like this? Can you stand to look at your own kids, knowing what you made possible to happen to someone else’s? Can you stand yourself?

And how is it possible to sell these things in the US when lawn darts have been banned because they are a safety hazard? Lawn darts!

I don’t get my own country. We have a sickness. And while I’m sure there’s a cure, the sickest among us show no sign of wanting to get well.



  1. So did you write this post from a template? Looks like it. Must get your “talking points” somewhere.


  2. Bluecat

    Great post. Expect to be attacked for it though! One thing that really brings people out on the internet is anything about guns being less than wonderful in every way. (Has anyone suggested yet that it was a false flag operation to discredit the NRA or something? No? As if they need discrediting)
    Seeing this news story from a country where guns are restricted – and crime is on a long falling trend and gun deaths extremely rare, as it happens – I really did think at first it was a clumsy satire of US gun-loving. A bit over the top. I mean, nobody really markets actual guns to kids, do they? Who would be daft enough to buy them? Pull the other one!
    But satire is speechless here.

  3. J

    This in a country where some schools have banned dodgeball for being too dangerous. The “logic” behind some gun enthusiasts actions is astounding.

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